Essay About End Vaw

The government has enjoyed in this global strategy to eliminate VAW since 2002. Create other companies near your barangay where you could refer target, as well as linkages with national and nearby government organizations -survivors of VAW for assistance that is required which the barangay isn't able to provide. This one- teaching may capacitate the CHED Focals about the legal methods involved in aiding patients of VAW.

Workplace of community to remove VAW and accomplish our vision of the VAW, help efforts inside your university -free area. Build your personal Action Agents where employees and customers may go-to just in case VAW occurs. You can use about what to accomplish, the Barangay VAW Table Manual developed by PCW with spouse businesses to guide you.

Establish other corporations near your barangay where you could recommend victim, as well as linkages with nearby and national businesses -survivors of VAW for required aid that the barangay is not ready to offer. This one- education will capacitate the CHED GAD Focals on the appropriate techniques in assisting victims of VAW, involved.

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