Essay about 7-11 Customer support  Devotion Program

Customer Service – Loyalty System

It is vital to create a program that is manageable and support the desired goals of 7-11. The Devotion Program of 7-Eleven Hk was " Stamp Collection”. The latest function was Sanrio 50th Ravenscroft Charm Collection. (Swarovski)

Step 1 :

7-11 can examine whom are your customers, they understand there consumers were want convenience assistance and most of them normally had been young to middle grow older. These buyers are easy to alter their brain because of the trend and fascination. They were seek out the quality. Step 2:

This program can realize the objective, for instance , the applications are launch regularly. It could attract the customer over a extended period of time and increase the curiosity of wave upon wave. As a result 7-11 was maintaining the original buyer and achieve the customer do not patronize other competitor. 3:

Therefore , 7-11 was planned on a regular time plan to promote a fresh " Seal of approval Collection” plan and on distinct theme. Just like, Sanrio, Howdy Kitty, Doctor IQ, Chibi Maruko Chan (櫻桃小丸子), Paddington Bear etc .

Step four:

The typical company generally focuses on the right way to fulfill the customer in great buy process, tend not to plan to provide something extra. When 7-11 promote this system, could make the consumer choose 7-11 since requirement was rise. Supposing 7-11 are quit promote " Stamp Collection” program. The customer still order goods in 7-11 because it's previously build up a long-term marriage. Also, the senses of belonging are produced.

Step five:

In case the collection products are release in same period, the selling point might decrease and minimize weekly or maybe more days. Seeing that, the time was longer and interest is leaner. 7-Eleven the Crystal Appeal Collection was dividing to 2 period and particular editions. It might effectively carry on and attract or keep the clients!