Strategy Check 7-1 (p. 186)

1 . Precisely what are the main advantages and disadvantages of renting a place of residence? Features of renting are mobility, fewer responsibilities, and lower primary costs. Drawbacks are handful of financial benefits, restricted lifestyle, and legal concerns.

2 . Which components of a lease are usually most negotiable? Some people will tell you that just about everything in a lease is negotiable; however , certain things are probably be more flexible than others. Many negotiable things include rent, amount of security first deposit, starting day of rent, and decorating

3. Pertaining to the following circumstances, would you suggest that the person lease of get their enclosure? (Circle the answer) An individual who desires to decrease income taxes paid



A person who expects to be transmitted for function soon



A person with few assets for casing expenses



Idea Check 7-2 (p. 191)

1 . Precisely what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a home? The huge benefits of having a home will be pride of ownership, economical benefits, and lifestyle overall flexibility. Disadvantages happen to be financial concern, limited freedom, and larger living costs.

2 . What recommendations can be used to identify the amount to shell out for a residence purchase? On the whole, a person should help to make payments for the purchase of a home that involve regarding 25 to 30 percent of his or her profits. This is a suggestion and could become influenced simply by other factors such as the amount readily available for a downpayment and other home expenses.

3. How can the quality of a school system profit even home owners in a community who might not have school-age children? The quality of a college system is a key factor affecting residence prices within a community. By maintaining quality educational institutions, all homeowners in an place benefit from steady and raising property principles. Concept Verify 7-3 (p. 198)

1 . What are the key sources of cash for a deposit?

The main causes of a down payment are personal savings, monthly pension plan funds, investments, and assistance from family.

2 . What elements affect someone's ability to qualify for a mortgage? The major factors that affect mortgage affordability will be income, various other debts, the total amount available for a down payment, the length of the loan, and current mortgage loan rates.

3. How do changing interest levels affect the amount of mortgage loan a person can afford? As interest rates decline, house buyers are able to afford to take on a greater mortgage.

4. Beneath what conditions might an adjustable-rate mortgage be ideal? An adjustable price mortgage can be appropriate when interest rates happen to be relatively high and they are anticipated to decline. This situation would gain the customer as costs decline, or perhaps the homeowner may refinance once rates drop at a lower-rate, fixed-rate mortgage.

5. To get the following circumstances, select the kind of home funding action that could be most appropriate: a. FIXED-RATE: A home loan for a individual that desires to fund a home purchase in current interest rates for the entire term of the financial loan.

n. REFINANCE: A homebuyer wants to reduce the amount of monthly installments since interest rates have rejected over the past 12 months.

c. HOME VALUE LOAN: A homeowner wants to gain access to funds which can be used to remodel the home.

d. V-A MORTGAGE: A person who offered in the armed service, who does not have money to get a down payment.

e. INVERT MORTGAGE: A retired individual that wants to obtain income from your value of her house. Concept Check 7-4 (p. 200)

1 ) What activities are recommended when planning to trade your home? When planning to sell your house, make required repairs, consider new fresh paint, clear out living and storage areas, and take out unnecessary furniture and other items.

2 . What factors affect the selling price of the home?

Home prices are affected by location, size, condition, features, and market...

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