Assignment 208 Task A Essay

Understand into the safety in social treatment settings

Project 208

Activity A

Soon we will be likely to an outing to Warwick Castle with four of your service users and three cares, a minibus has become hired pertaining to day. I possess had a look at the accessibility for wheelchair users around the fortress. There are several toilets inside the castle, yet only 3 are wheelchair friendly, these are generally located in the coach home, the conservatory and the mill and engine house. Most of the castle is usually wheelchair friendly, I have made a list of non-wheelchair access at the bottom of the plan. Both eating places have access intended for wheelchairs.

Aje Some examples of accidents and/or sudden health issues that might take place on the outing: Trips and falls -- someone can trip whilst walking, or over a step Sickness/fainting - someone may truly feel car sick and tired

Cuts and grazes -- someone may accidentally minimize themselves

Seizures - an individual could have a seizure

AiiIf an accident or illness will need to occur, we are taking a fundamental First Aid set up, including shower pads, sterile wipes, distinct sized plasters and carriers in case of nausea. In serious case of the accident or perhaps seizure (which lasts more than five minutes) call 999. The staff going to the outing would of had crisis first aid training, however there are numerous of totally trained 1st Aiders at Warwick Castle, if necessary you will have to speak to a member of staff who will arrange one particular. Remember to constantly reassure the service end user, so they will remain peaceful. A incident report contact form must be registered and the administrator informed.

AiiiList of the concepts to be implemented for secure moving and handling: Avoid moving and handling wherever possible.

Ensure you are aware of the contents of associated hazards assessments and work in series with these people. Always adhere to your workplace procedures without undertake a task for which you have not received teaching. Always comply with your office dress code.

If the weight is a person, explain everything you are going to do, reassure...

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