Essay about Crooks Of Mice and Men


George Milton

-" I been mean, ain't I? ” --> George is a good good friend to Lennie. He shields him and does what is required to keep him out of trouble. -" If I was alone I possibly could live thus easy” --> Lennie can be described as burden to George -" I want hehehehehehe with me, Lennie” –George --> conveys Georges loneliness

Lennie Small

-" paws” � animalistic top quality; bear

-" all you can ever bear in mind is these people rabbits” –George. � Lennie represents idealism and optimism in the American dream. " rabbits” mark of freedom and comfort. -" she has jus' such as a kid” –Slim � describes him correctly -" so why do you got to get murdered? ” –Lennie � zero understanding of actions or consequences. " it is mean here” –Lennie � too harmless to cope with tough environment -hallucination of Great aunt Clare: main moral estimate his lifestyle. Tells him between right and wrong and about result.


-" crooks” � nickname due to injury. Brand given to him by other ranchers � dominance, ownership (slavery) -" California Detrimental Code to get 1905” � had aspirations once penalized successful. Informed individual. ( had " books”) 1905 tho! twenty-five years out of dates � shows failure of his situation. -" crooks was obviously a proud, aloof man” � Steinbeck would not aim to victimize/generalize Crooks. He's 3 dimensional; knows his worth. BUT has no power to change his fate. -location of Crooks in ranch (barn) symbolizes his length the different men. Clearly: segregation, metaphorically: emotional distance/loneliness -" the can tie ya up with a collar, such as a dog”-Crooks. The moment Crooks finally finds an individual weaker than him, this individual feels he must destroy them. Relates to his own oppression. Suffering contributes to cruelty. -" difficult intended for Crooks to conceal his pleasure with anger” --> shows his desperation intended for contact. He has become solidified by his pain although lets his guard straight down at times. -" drew in to himself” � crooks makes to accept his oppression. Helpless in his destiny.

Curley's Wife/Women

-" that...

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