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Differentiated Essential Competencies: Application to Nursing Functions

There are many hats that a nurse can use, learning each day and the kind of degree you may have helps determine your scope of practice as well as the competencies that you ought to have. In case scenario where the ADN nurse and the transportation tech happen to be engaging in a social chat not taking note of the patient they are transferring that causes the patient to fall and suffer a fractured kept femur. We will talk about the difference of and ADN vs BSN nurse making use of the Differentiated Essential Competencies (DECs) and the measures the registered nurse should take subsequent.


In January of 2000 the Board of Nurse Examiners requested the Advisory Committee of Education to review and revise the then proficiency document in order that the nursing colleges of Arizona can go by one doc it was finished in 2002. This would be called the Differentiated Entry Level Competencies it is for a lot of nurses which include LVN, Diploma or degree, ADN and BSN. (Texas Board of Nursing, s vi). In 2008 the Texas Board of Nurses requested the fact that document always be reexamined they came up with a brand new document that they passed around to clinics, long term care facilities and other functions that reviewed it and made suggestions ultimately the new Differential box Essential Expertise document this summer. There are some items that will be measured in the document they can be member of the profession, affected person centered attention, patient security advocates and members of the health care team. Each level of nursing will grow around the previous level.

DECEMBER Application

A competencies crafted in the DECEMBER are guides for healthcare professionals to provide safe care for the patients. In this scenario the ADN health professional was not paying attention to what your woman was doing with the transport tech and caused harm to the patient. The ADN nurse had the academic background to take care of the patient they did not apply the appropriate steps to promote quality and safe environment for the individual. After the incident happened the ADN doctor in question should certainly, report to her supervisor what happened as a dependence on the Texas Nursing Practice Act. The ADN would not follow the standards of care that are data based practice. They would not need the education to generate a quality improvement project to further improve the patient security of shifting patients yet can get involved with the task. A BSN nurse should have the knowledge to formulate and put into action research on the new data based practice on sufferer safety. (DEC Introduction 2) The BSN nurse might have used facts based practice to choose the simplest way to transfer the patient without harming the patient or their home. The BSN nurse might also need to survey the episode, not reporting the occurrence is unethical and against the Nurse Practice Act. Both equally nurses could face legal suits resulting from negligence by not focusing while transferring the patient. Bottom line

The DEC is a criteria for colleges, hospitals plus the NCLEX to gauge how the health professional should carry out and what duties they may be capable to perform within their opportunity of practice. The ADN nurse would not follow protocols that are made simply by evidence primarily based practice. The BSN nurse would have the knowledge of different evidence based techniques to promote the safety and wellness of the affected person through their very own education. Equally nurses will need to file episode reports to notify uppr management of the incident mainly because legally and ethically they may be required to by the Texas Nurse Practice Work. In the end rehearsing as a health professional you have to be a patient safety counsel.


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