History of Spreadsheet Essay

A Brief History of Spreadsheets

by Deb. J. Electricity

Editor, DSSResources. COM

Spreadsheets have been used by accountants intended for hundreds of years. Digital or digital spreadsheets are of much newer origin. Data Systems dental history and several published paper and publication stories celebrate Dan Bricklin as the " father" of the electric spreadsheet. 33 years ago, Harvard Business School pupil, Daniel Bricklin, came up with the concept for a great interactive visible calculator (see email from Frankston, 4/15/1999a). Bricklin and Bob Frankston then co-invented or co-created the software system VisiCalc. We could look as well as recognize that VisiCalc was the initially " killer" application for private computers.

What is a spreadsheet?

In the realm of accounting jargon a " propagate sheet" or perhaps spreadsheet was and is a big sheet of paper with columns and rows that organizes data about ventures for a business person to examine. It spreads or perhaps shows all the costs, salary, taxes, and also other related info on a single linen of daily news for a administrator to examine when coming up with a decision. An electronic spreadsheet organizes information in to software described columns and rows. The info can then be " added up" by a formula to give an overall total or total. The spreadsheet program summarizes information from many newspaper sources in one place and presents the data in a format to help a decision maker see the financial " big picture" for the company.

Beginnings and the " Adventure of VisiCalc"

In 1961, Teacher Richard Mattessich pioneered the introduction of computerized speadsheets for use in business accounting. Several historical information about the computerization of accounting spread bedsheets using mainframe computers is definitely discussed on Mattessich's website " Spreadsheet: Its 1st Computerization (1961-1964)". Rene Casta?o and Remy Landau co-invented " LANPAR" LANguage intended for Programming Arrays at Random in 1969. This kind of electronic spreadsheet type program was used for budgeting at Bell...

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