National Day time of Brunei Darussalam Essay


The Nationwide Day of Brunei Darussalam is famous annually on the 23rd of February. It can be ultimately a significant day for each Brunei individuals. The nationwide day is celebrated countrywide. This essay will talk about how the Nationwide day makes a sense of identity, community and how that brings the complete country jointly as a land. Brunei's Countrywide day

First of all, Brunei is a very strong Islamic affected country which has a national beliefs of Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB) or maybe the Malay Islamic Monarchy that was proclaimed when needed of its independence upon 1st January 1984 by Sultan of Brunei Darussalam. Because of this, every government related events including the annual Nationwide Day party will have Islamic and concepts of the Malay Islamic Monarchy elements inside the programme. The hoisting of Brunei countrywide flag, 2 weeks before the twenty third of Feb marks the beginning of the Nationwide Day party. The flags are hoisted along the highways in the capital, Government workplace buildings, purchasing centres and private or individual houses. " The flag is the symbol of countrywide identity and sovereignty. Additionally, it symbolises the unity and solidarity of any nation that possesses its own goodness, glory and esteem” (RTB News, 2013). For the eve with the national day, mass prayers are usually performed nationwide and an official wedding ceremony where the Sultan comes and Islamic college students recite compared to from the Quran and this can be followed by a ‘Titah' the place that the Sultan address the nation. Furthermore, the National day is usually to nurture people and add a sense of oneness, patriotism, identification and culture as Bruneian and protecting the countrywide MIB idea. The National day special event builds primary socialisation for the younger era by acknowledging and understanding the meaning in the National day time. Thus, school children and youth adults are involved throughout the National Working day Celebration to generate a sense of take great pride in, identity and oneness as Bruneian....

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