Management Info Systems from the Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited: A Case Study Essay


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Management Information Systems from the Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited: A Case Analyze

Md Mamunur Rashid

one particular, *


Department of Production Management, Bangladesh Institute of Managing (bim. org. bd), Dhaka, Bangladesh


Corresponding writer.

Address: Bangladesh Institute of Management (, 4, Sobhanbag, Mirpur Highway, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh

Email: [email protected] com

Received 2 06 2011; accepted 20 This summer 2011


Through this study, an endeavour have been taken to

emphasize on the need of the management information

devices (MIS) in Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited

(JFCL), especially to spot the potential areas

where the MIS could be successfully used. Managing

details system (MIS) or computer information program

(CIS) consists of five related elements: hardware,

software, people, procedure, and collections of information. The

term information technology (IT) presents the various

types of hardware and software employed in information

systems, which include computer and networking tools.

There exists some lacking in business resolving networking

system like MIS/CIS/IT inside the JFCL. Main barriers are

too little of leadership, determination and shortage of skill

manpower to implement LOS in JFCL.

Key words:

MIS; JFCL; BCIC; Example

Md Mamunur Rashid (2011). Management Details Systems with the Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited: A Case Study.


Organization and Managing, 3

(1), No . 1, 118-124. Offered from:


j. apple. 1923842820110301. 038 DOI:

m. ibm. 1923842820110301. 038


The Jamuna Fertilizer Business Limited (JFCL) is the

largest organization of Bangladesh Chemical Companies

Corporation (BCIC). JFCL has been founded in 1991

to help the cultivation growth of Bangladesh through

producing kornig urea (Jamuna Fertilizer Company

Limited, 1990; Rashid. M. Meters. and Islam. A. M, 2004). This

can be found on the traditional bank of the lake Jamuna in the district of Jamalpur. The urea creation capacity is 1700 metric

ton per day (MTPD) designed by SNAMPROGETTI

and Ammonia development capacity is definitely 1078 MTPD

created by HALDORTOPSOE of Denmark. The whole

herb infrastructure was constructed simply by Mitsubishi

Heavy Industries Limited (MHI) of The japanese. Bangladesh

is a great agrarian economic climate. In order to meet the increasing

demand of food grain in the country. Fertilizer is one among

the key inputs to agricultural sector. It is an vital

prerequisite to increase food production. Bangladesh

Substance Industries Corporation (BCIC) is among the

biggest industrial businesses in the community sector

under Ministry of Industries, Government in the Peoples'

Republic of Bangladesh. BCIC is concerned together with the

environment of targets, approval of budget, monitoring of

actual overall performance and object rendering expertise assistance

for JFCL. The JFCL supervision has been carrying out

essential administrative, technological, commercial

and economical authority to use it successfully and

dynamically. Inside the plant info are consistently generating

by reformers, boilers, heat exchangers, electric power generation

units, ion-exchangers, coolers, HORSEPOWER stripper, urea reactor,

compressors, pushes, agitators, followers and blowers at every

moment. Besides sales; accounts and fund; production

and protection; purchase and store; staff and HRD;

inspection and suppliers and consumers also create data.

Now, there is no organized LOS to handle and processes

for info take better decision. In this technological

era it is very difficult to produce profitable or running

smooth these kinds of a large enterprise without MIS. Therefore ,

it is crucial to implement MIS in this manufacturer. Industrial

countries have increased...

Recommendations: and 4th, MIS involves the activities of a profession or corporate function whichare crucial to the fact of what MIS is definitely (Currie & Galliers, 1999).

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