The Companions Are the Supply of Much Sadness for Odysseus. How Far Will you Agree with This Statement? Dissertation

The companions will be the source of much grief to get Odysseus. How long do you believe this affirmation?

Odysseus, the strong, courageous, dedicated hero, travelled to get miles at a time to return to his home land of Ithica and to deliver with him the 12 fleet ships carrying his loyal buddies. However through this legendary poem Odysseus' companions have already been the bearers of much grief for Odysseus, in many ways via questioning his leadership to merely dying in battle. And slowly throughout this epic composition each of his 14 fleet delivers has been struck down.

The stories of Odysseus' friends begin from your very starting of book nine, within the coast of Ismarus home to the Cicones. Odysseus fantastic men " sacked the place and damaged its men folk” after taking their very own women and their very own vast ruins, Odysseus aware his guys to distribute with haste. Nevertheless they were not speedy minded enough, and a tremendous battle pennyless out between Odysseus wonderful men and the Cicones. 85 two of Odysseus' men were brutally murdered. We can see here that this could cause very much grief pertaining to Odysseus and his remaining friends, for his men got made it through the battle of Troy and where rejoicing to be coming back home to Ithica, right now he would need to return to grieving families anticipating their heroes return and then for some, at this point their hero's would never come back. This is a vintage example of the sort of grief Odysseus feels through the epic composition, because this is usually how most of his buddies have provided Odysseus with grief, through death. If it was slipping in challenge or devoured by a monstrous creature. For instance when, Odysseus and his outstanding companions traveled the world to the tropical isle of the Cyclopes, where with twelve companion pets, he came into the give of the Cyclops Polyphemus. This kind of giant devoured, one following another, 6 of the friends of Odysseus, and kept Odysseus wonderful other guys as prisoners in his give. Witnessing their particular loyal companion's cannibalistic killers right in front of them Odysseus and...

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